10 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Massage Chair

I discussed the many features you should take into consideration when getting a massage therapy chair, as well as the resilience aspect of your new massage chair. Let’s proceed with the staying 7 “Absolute Musts” to consider when exploring a new massage chair reclining chair.

Ease of Repair

Because of the weight and the bulk of a massage chair, straightforward repairs come to be genuine trouble when you have to deliver an entire chair back to the supplier to fix something as basic as a tear in the product. If a component is damaged or the material is torn, the modular design will certainly permit you to separate the broken component as well as send it off for repair so much easier and also more affordable than sending out off the entire chair.

Customer Service

This is probably one of the essential points of all. If something happens to your chair or is concerned about any feature of your chair, it is fantastic to have a constantly readily available company to address your questions. This places your mind secure, and you can’t put a price on that. So, see to it that whatever chair you acquire has a great business backing it up. Whether that is the supplier, the seller, or both … you want peace of mind right from the start of your connection with them.


Even the most affordable massage chair still sets you back numerous bucks at a minimum. They are not low-cost. You will need to invest quite a bit of money to get a new chair you can depend on. Rates, however, do not need to be sky-high. Relying on the functions you need and desire, rates can vary anywhere from $1000 – $6000. Fairly a spread, isn’t it? Well, you can get a chair with all the essential massage therapy functions for between $2000 – $3000.

Natural leather

If you want genuine natural leather vs. man-made natural leather, an MP3 gamer, a USB port, or earphones, etc., you will pay for those additionals. But also, for the basic attributes of massage treatment, you do not need to spend too much. Incidentally, when you contrast the cost of your chair to normal visits to a massage specialist or chiropractic doctor, with time, the rate of the massage therapy chair is much less than what you’d payout for all those therapy check-outs.

Cash Back Guarantee

Does your merchant back up the sale of your new massage therapy chair with at least a 30-day genuine cash back ensure? How else can you really feel excellent about your purchase if the vendor does not back it up? Some companies also provide 60 or 90-day money-back guarantees!


By the way, it is a common policy for basically every massage therapy chair retailer/distributor that you are in charge of shipping and products back to the vendor if you do decide to return your chair. Shipping, incidentally, can set you back anywhere from $150-$ 400.00 … it isn’t cheap!

Adjustable to Different Body Sizes

I have seen some chair companies that provide “sizing” for a chair. With some line of product that might be needed, with a well-manufactured chair, elevation and size modifications are standard and can satisfy every body type. Some chairs currently even feature a detached ottoman to ensure that the chair can accommodate a 6′ 10″ individual and a 5′ 4″ person.

A lot of chairs will deal with as much as 300 extra pounds of body weight. Make certain that you obtain the maximum weight allocation for the chair you are interested in if you purchase your brand-new massage recliner chair for an extremely hefty person.

Remote Control

Virtually every new massage recliner chair comes with a remote of some kind to make chair changes. Some remotes include large and elegant screens, yet as long as it adjusts the chair’s functions, it doesn’t truly matter exactly how large or small it is or exactly how modern it looks.


This may appear goofy or vain, yet I want my chair to blend in comfortably and effortlessly with the room design of my home or office. Do not endanger on seek cost! You’re going to have to consider that chair every day for as long as you’ve got it. You do not want to be sitting in a chair you think is so ugly that it creates stress and anxiety. When you are utilizing your new massage recliner for tension relief, especially!

Pleased Customers

A salesperson will tell you every little thing you desire to hear to obtain you right into his/her chair. What do actual as well as real clients believe concerning the massage chair you are thinking about? If you ask him for a list of some folks that have actually bought their chair and you get no response … run!

Currently, you have 10 things that must assist you to make a much more enlightened acquiring decision when considering your brand-new massage chair.

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