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3 Points You Should Negotiate When You Are Losing Your Job

Do you know what to request when you deal with losing your job? These 3 points are good for discussion at this hard time.

You help a company that has actually been experiencing a lot of changes and upheaval. Word is walking around regarding lay-offs, and you worry you will be following. If you’ve been an exemplary staff member and the lay-off is not because of anything you’ve done. Make certain you ask these three questions as you get your Pink Slip:

Ask for a Letter of Reference. Many individuals fail to remember to ask about this. And it is tough to try to go back later and ask for one.

Ask concerning severance pay.

Commonly, one week of severance is given for each year of service to the company, yet this can be negotiable. It might buy you another week of severance pay that they weren’t planning on offering.

Are you qualified for unused trip pay? Most of the time, the solution is no. Some businesses allow you to surrender your extra time from one year to the next. At the same time, others have a usage it or lose it policy.

Many businesses will discuss their rules in the worker manual. But asking to be paid for your unused vacation pay just may earn you a couple of extra dollars you might use today.

You might not get any type of severance or trip pay, and you particularly would not if you don’t ask for it. If the moment passes, the possibilities are you will not have another opportunity to ask these inquiries again. Recognizing in advance of time what to ask for may provide you the self-confidence to talk up for yourself at this difficult time. Losing your job is not easy but how you handle it is the actual thing.

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