A Gift of Energy

“When the attack ends up being dancing, every little thing is viewed as a gift of energy.”

That appears excellent, does not it?

Could not all of us utilize a little a lot more energy once in a while? I recognize I could. Right now, for instance, as I sit with a blanket over my shoulders, sipping lemon tea and wishing that the next coughing convulsion is not as vicious as the last two, I could utilize a present of power. The tickle that began in my nose and upper body a couple of days ago has actually blossomed right into a full-on, body-wracking cold, complete with chills and high temperature.

The martial art Aikido (The Way of Harmony) teaches us to see every little thing that comes to our means as the power to dance with. By focusing and extending our ki (life energy), we connect and mix with the power of assault, making it a component. We reroute it from the facility, maintaining ourselves and our opponent secure from damage.

This elegant metaphor relates to circumstances in our individual and specialist lives is a continuing study and fascination resource. One of the means I work at incorporating Aiki principles into my life is by sharing the philosophy with others.

My workshops use workouts that aid our bodies in making points like facility, prolong, recognize and blend. We start to dance, stream, and relocate with the power of conflict instead of obstructing it.

So I rest, questioning how I can dance with this attack. Also, centering does not quit the relentless coughing. I have no ki to expand (it seems to have actually pulled away to the inner recesses of my system). The only thing I can think to do is to embrace and also acknowledge.

In years past, I would not acknowledge being ill. When I was ill, I would certainly typically go to work anyway. If I can’t recognize what’s going on. Whether it’s a cool or a problem at house, I surely can not embrace it.

Most of our conflicts, exterior or internal, would fix themselves if we would take this very first step – recognize them! But because we see them as negative, we quickly withstand them by combating or getting away. If I can see what comes my way as energy, without positive or unfavorable charges other than what I give it, I can be a lot more interested in it. As unwanted as it may be, there’s most definitely more power in dancing with it than in withstanding it.

As for my cool, I’m still trying to learn if there’s a present right here somewhere. Let’s see – I’ve currently reviewed a publication I’ve been placing aside for months, began one more, and gotten some much-needed remainder (in between coughings!).

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