A Guide on Switching Birth Control Pills

Contraceptive pills are among one of the most common methods of birth control, aside from condoms. Men need to seek the right size and fit to locate one suitable for them. However, females can not just utilize a pack of tablets and switch over to one more for their following cycle. Like dating, most women might need to try and sustain different pills. They have to check their negative effects before discovering the appropriate one. For ladies who are thinking about switching birth control pills, below is a guide on making the switching process smooth:

Talk about plans to switch tablets with your gyne

Go over the effects of your existing pills with your gynecologist and how these affect your daily tasks. There are 2 kinds of tablets, mix pills as well as progestin-only tablets. Your new pill of the option may have the very same solution as your current pill, which will certainly make the switch ineffective.

Continue taking your old tablet while waiting on the go-signal to switch

When your gyne advised you regarding switching and stopping to one more pill throughout the middle of your cycle, heed the recommendations. Stopping and switching to an additional tablet throughout the middle of your cycle can create development or heavy blood loss and various other signs and symptoms like nausea and migraines.

switching birth control pills

In addition to these, changing at the wrong time raises the possibility of unwanted pregnancies and decreases the effectiveness of the brand-new tablet.

Take your pill or inactive tablets while waiting

Birth control pills are typically on 21-day cycles with 7 days of free-pill days before you start on a new pack. If you and your gyne agreed to activate the following cycle, take your sugar pill tablets throughout the 7 days between your cycles. This will cause you to have a duration and prime your body for the following cycle and new pills.

Use additional contraception techniques

Pills require 7 days in your system to be completely reliable in preventing maternities. So after starting your new tablet pack, consider and utilize another birth control approach when you participate in sexual relations. Additional birth control techniques can come in the form of spermicides or prophylactics.

Provide your body time to change

Permit yourself a couple of cycles of utilizing the new tablet before deciding whether it is appropriate for you. It is normal to experience uneven symptoms after your initial cycle of taking the new pill. Switching birth control pills are totally okay.

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