Addiction and Personality Disorder

Chemical abuse and dependency (alcoholism, drug addiction) is just one type of self-defeating as well as a recurring pattern of transgression. Individuals are addicted to all kinds of things: gambling, purchasing, the Internet, careless as well as life-endangering quests. Adrenaline addicts abound.

The link between chronic anxiety, pathological narcissism, clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive attributes as well as alcohol addiction as well as substance abuse is well developed and usual in a professional technique. But not all narcissists, compulsives, depressives, and also distressed individuals count on the bottle or the needle.

Frequent claims of finding a gene complicated in charge of alcoholism have actually been constantly cast unsure.

In 1993, Berman and also Noble recommended that addicting and also reckless habits are plain rising sensations and may be connected to various other, much more essential traits, such as uniqueness seeking or threat taking.

Psychopaths (patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder) have both high qualities in enough amounts.

We would expect them, as a result, to heavily abuse alcohol and also drugs. Without a doubt, as Lewis and Bucholz convincingly showed in 1991, they do. Still, just a negligible minority of alcoholics and also drug users are psychotics.

What has been determined is that a lot of addicts are narcissistic in personality. Addictions offer his function.

Such required and wild pursuits give a mental exoskeleton. They are an alternative to ordinary presence. They pay for the narcissist with a schedule, with timetables, objectives, as well as faux success. The narcissist – the adrenaline addict – feels that he remains in control, alert, ecstatic, and essential. He does not regard his problem as dependence. The narcissist firmly thinks that he supervises his addiction that he can give up at will and on short notice.

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