Are You Addicted to Anger?

Michael’s growth was in a residence where the anger was always in control. Sometimes the anger turns right into violence. Michael and his brother or sisters will get hurt physically. Are you addicted to anger?

Michael was the oldest of four kids and was commonly in charge of dealing with his siblings. He got his siblings his worry and craze at being abused by his parents. While some part of Michael really did not intend to be like his parents, this was all he understood.

As a grown-up, Michael fights with his constant temper at his better half and children. His wife endangered to leave him if he really did not get some aid, which led him to consult with me.

“Michael, anger is commonly in use to hide one more, a lot more agonizing sensation. What do you assume you are covering up with your anger?” I asked.

“I do not recognize. And I get such a frustration, and then out comes the anger.”

“What did you feel like a kid, besides frightened, when your parents were mad and also violent with you?”

“I think I really felt pretty much alone.”

“You should have felt really alone as well as neglected and likewise helpless over what was happening.”

I hated really feeling so alone and powerless. I couldn’t wait to get bigger so I wouldn’t really feel so helpless.”

“What triggers that helpless sensation now?”

“Humm … I presume it’s when my spouse and also youngsters do not do what I want them to do or what I think they should do.”

“So rather than feel and also approve your vulnerability over them, which is the truth but is a hard sensation to really feel, you avoid really feeling that old vulnerability by trying to manage them with your anger, equally as your moms and dads did. Is that right?”

“I think so. I guess I try to regulate them instead of really feel powerless. But why should I feel defenseless? It’s an awful sensation. Do you have addicted to anger?

You can walk away from a situation that doesn’t really feel excellent, or you can talk up for yourself. Unless you accept your vulnerability over others, you will certainly attempt to control them, and anger is the method you’ve learned to do it.


Temper is your automated controlling, addicting response to shield versus sensation that old helplessness.

It really feels like a life or fatality for many individuals because, as babies, we were entirely helpless, and if no one came, we would pass away. Some of us wept as well as sobbed, and no one came and we really felt defenseless over living or passing away. Till we approve our vulnerability over others, we will attempt to manage them, and also anger is a significant way several individuals have found out to try to manage.

It took Michael time to discover exactly how to deal with himself – exactly how to welcome as well as approve his defenseless feelings as opposed to ignore them or cover them up with rage. As he found out to take loving treatment of himself and his own sensations and demands, he became much more accepting of various other’s sensations and needs.


As a result of accepting himself as well as others, and also of finding out to feel as well as handle his painful sensations, his need to manage others slowly diminished.

In dealing with me, Michael learned to access a personal resource of spiritual advice to assist him not really feel so alone and know just how to take loving treatment of himself. Michael finds out that he was much less likely to act out in anger when he gets in touch with his spiritual advice. Are you addicted to anger?

He found he could manage his challenging feelings of loneliness and vulnerability even more easily when he really felt the love and the support of Spirit.

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