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Lately, podcasts have become a part of our everyday lives, and we love to listen to them as we go about work and home lives. As adults, we have found many interesting podcasts to listen to during our busy days and immerse in the experience of a true-crime story or podcasts that talk about real-life subjects. Children also have a zest for podcasts, and we should encourage them to listen. These exciting podcasts for kids can help their children learn some exciting stuff. 

The good thing about podcasts is that you don’t need to play and make your children sit and watch them. Instead, you can just let it play in the background, and children can listen to these podcasts while playing any game or even trying to sleep. This is a way we have enlisted some fun podcasts for your kids to listen to: 

Best podcasts for kids in the UK

But, why?

Why is this a question that children love to ask? It shows their curiosity to learn something new and find out more about the daily happenings in life. And this podcast does just that answer all the questions your children may have. Also, the questions could be from any area of our lives, and the hosts of this show will answer them with the help of experts and professionals.

If your child has a burning question and you don’t know its answer, you could submit your entry to the producers, and they will find a way to answer your question. 

1. You’re dead to me:

The historian Greg Jenner hosting the show knows how to keep the children engaged in the story by incorporating jokes in the podcasts while talking about the severe historical business. That’s the best part of the history that you can learn a lot about so many exciting things while keeping it all light-hearted and fun for the children. The two episodes that are a must listen to are the history of chocolate and the most famous pirate in history, Blackbeard. 


2. Peace out: 

Children who are often over-energetic may find it hard to sleep at night. So this podcast is perfect for children; as the podcast host, Chanel Tsang has the most calming voice. She takes children through the journey of various visualization, breathing and other exercises that help calm the minds of the little ones.

Along with that, the whole podcast has soothing music that reinforces peace and calm. Putting your child to sleep is not a problem anymore. Just play this podcast for your children every night before heading off to bed and let them dose off to soothing, calming and restful sleep.  

3. Goodnight Stories for rebel girls: 

This podcast is for everyone despite the name goodnight stories for rebel girls. This podcast champions different women from all walks of life. Each episode that is 20 minutes long, heroes’ one woman and each woman’s story is narrated by our very favourite celebrities.

This podcast promotes learning as your children listen about the lives of the women who have endured and accomplished something unique with the power of will. Your children will love listening to these podcasts and become engrossed in the stories as they listen to these extraordinary women.

4. The story pirates: 

Celebrities read the stories narrated in this podcast, and the best thing about this podcast is that little children write all the stories related. The names and the stories written by children are very imaginative and help other children who listen also become inspired.

Best Podcasts for Kids
Best Podcasts for Kids

Children’s creativity can get encouraged; they can also start writing their own stories. This practice, in general, is very healthy for young minds as it promotes creativity and thinking.

5. Circle Round: 

Engaging children in a fun and moral driven stories is the best way to improve their imagination and build values. These podcasts are enjoyable for children to listen to as the music and storytelling keep the young minds engaged in exciting stories while driving the story towards a great moral. The show producers have also incorporated various activities that can be done around the house with parents by the children.

This will help keep your children engaged in exciting and value building behaviours. The podcasts also pay special attention to children’s imaginations in times of difficulty, such as the current global situation. It engages your children between the ages of 4 to 10 into such amazing musical, story-based folks. 

6. Stories podcast:

These podcasts are a performance of some of the most loved stories and children’s favourite stories from all kinds of historical backgrounds like Greek mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and fables. Moreover, the characters and the plot is written in a fun-loving way to excite the children and told in a lyrical, musical tone to keep the children engaged.

Stories Podcasts for Kids
Stories Podcasts for Kids

The narrator also has a deep voice and is full of expression, which helps build the story in the most fun and exciting way. This inspires imagination and storytelling in your children and makes communication and thinking skills. 

7. Brains on: 

Brains on are the best thing out there for your scientific beans. These podcasts are hosted by young scientists and reporters who play around with words and different scientific theories. All the episodes are 30 minutes long and tackle various significant issues worldwide in these 30 minutes while keeping the conversation light and funny.

They are cracking jokes and making science fun for the young and adults. These episodes are fun to listen to if you or your children have an interest in science.


With all these fantastic podcasts for kids are available to listen to, you can help your children engage in a lot of learning. Hence we suggest you tune in to one of these to enhance the teaching of your young ones or even to calm their minds and boost imagination. 

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