Breathing: Is It A Way Back to The Balance

How are you shaping your life today? How do the way you think affect your activities? And how might you end up being much more aware of the process? How can breathing help?

“If you do not like what’s happening in your life, change your mind.”

This quick quote from the Dalai Lama advises me that my experience of life changes as I do.

As I change, I change the means I influence – and also being influenced by – my surroundings.


A centering breath is a place to start. Whatever is the situation, breathing will help you to go through this situation without being uncontrollable. Face a difficult situation? Hold it for a moment!

When you’re stressed, in conflict, or otherwise under stress, do you hold your breath? When you stop the all-natural airflow, you become out of balance and stress, physically and mentally.

One of the simplest means to reclaim your equilibrium is to begin taking a breath once again. It is your life energy that connects to internal wisdom, sources, and toughness.

A great method to practice centering is to observe how often you hold your breath. The more you discover, the less you’ll hold it, and the more relaxed and centered you’ll be.

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