candle in the dark

Candle in the Dark by Paula Picard

Inspiration for when you feel detached and “in the dark.” Written in the first individual, this is an effective tale of one soul’s struggle to find the light.

Life is remarkable if we select to see what that means. There is nothing about our life that does not contain the element of magic within it. Exactly how we end up at the appropriate time and the best area or the incorrect place at the right minute.

Staring into the representation of my eyes, I see an additional being, an additional life. A life of love and appeal of unlimited opportunity exists beyond the hazel tinting that the globe sees. Already my heart and soul are covered in a web of virtually intolerable isolation, would by discovering my inner, the majority of truth estrange me from a foreign globe.

I have experienced much unhappiness, hurt, and hope throughout my own amazing trip via this life. Yet, I discover comfort in those haunting memories. The pain obliges me ever forward to look for the utmost liberty. The light of my soul is like a candle in the dark, illuminating the path to liberation as well as understanding. 

Within the capillaries of that, I really flow light, not blood. As well as my spiritual heart is larger than any physical car can have. The infinite love that moves with me longs to be shared with the world. Yet, I remain risk-free, hiding in the darkness. However, something urges me to appear in the darkness and also step into the light.

An attractive voice murmurs in my ear, keep going, hang on, you are almost there. The trick to my very own flexibility and my very own liberation is in completely welcoming each moment. To have the courage to love, to enable the fullness of life to sustain me.

To always remember the enjoyments as well as always keep in mind the pain. Metamorphosis takes place in an instant, one wonderful 2nd in time. To have the strength to remove my blindfold, to open myself to the greatness of my own spiritual power. To take a danger, be daring as well as strong.

My heart overflows with love and the painful wishing to reveal it. I feel limited and so small at times until I remember the light that pulses with my blood vessels. The possibility of discovering the trick to my own liberty is a powerful elixir.

Like a raw ruby, I am being refined and cut by spirit to expose the radiance of each aspect. The finer the cuts, the more totally the range of light will dance upon the surface.

Each evening I cry for freedom, for modification. For my heart’s eyes to see the fact, no longer shadowed by own self enforced restrictions. When the darkness begins to descend upon me, I invite them. For in the acceptance of the darkness, I much more clearly see the light. When you feel yourself in the dark, then it’s your responsibility to come out of it.

Paula Picard copyright 2003

He is an expert psychic and also a spiritual teacher. Paula likewise releases a regular monthly E-Zine offered by membership. To get more information about Paula Picard and also her great work. You may reach her at this contact.

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