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Friday Motivation


Introduction to Friday Motivation! Do you also know that “I still have one more day to make it through” feeling? It happens. The awful component …

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Measure of Success


Success is an enchanting word. It’s the magical stardust most of us want to be touched by. It’s a goal for several, an incentive, a …

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Regain Confidence

5 Effective Steps to Regain Confidence

Introduction to Regain Confidence! Oh, some voices in our heads tease us every time. They murmur words of judgment and also doubt by asking us, …

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Pain Management Strategy

Is It Time to Reassess Your Pain Management Strategy?

We are in a new phase to adjust our lives to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, access to injections is high, and infection rates are decreasing. …

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How to Find Motivation

How to Find Motivation That You Are Missing Now

Even the most determined of us – you, me, and even Tony Robbins- sometimes feel uninspired. Occasionally we enter such a downturn that even considering …

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The Best Motivational Article

Get to Know About the Best Motivational Article Ever!

Hey there, are you searching for some pleasant motivation? Well, you’re in luck, since right here is the best motivational article you’ve not seen before. …

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psychology motivation

The Motivation Psychology: Why Is Motivation So Powerful?

Motivation is a vital driving force in individuals’ lives. It can impact both small and also significant facets of your life. Often, one’s level of …

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intrinsic rewards

All You Need to Know About Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards!

Extrinsic and intrinsic rewards are the keys to anyone’s motivation, but you need to understand the main difference between them. The reason is many people …

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Motivational Monday Quotes

How Are the Motivational Monday Quotes Important for You?

Monday Motivational Quotes are helpful! Quotes are helpful because they remind us about our lessons, practiced, and forgotten with time. If these are motivational, they …

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life sucks

What to Do When You Think Life Sucks?

Do you remember the times when everything went against your expectations? Even things have gone worst more than you ever imagined. It’s the moment when …

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