coaching in life for honor

Coaching in Life for Honor

Let’s have a look at the new aspect of coaching: Coaching in life for honor

Oriental Value

Whenever I get to see Japanese samurai movies, it captures my interest that the main personality has an objective in undertaking what he intends to do, even if it suggests risking and sacrificing his very own life. This objective of finishing a task relates to the task and something more crucial, something much deeper.

I usually can determine that the function of being is rooted in honor and self-regard. My principles offer me coaching in life for the honor to be sought.

A samurai is not only concerned with his purposes. However, it is linked with a feeling of self-preservation greater than what can be perceived tangibly and other people. Honor for the samurai is his most valued and well-kept treasure. Without it or losing it would imply pity and a loss of self-respect.

It is the pride of the samurai to continue to exist in this world of interaction. Honor is the badge of self-respect he commands from other individuals. It is undoubtedly essential.

There was also a time which I remembered during one of my previous jobs where I was administering a myriad of online gamers who paid for pc gaming service. Daily that I worked as a game master, I made sure that there were no ventures or cheats done by the players that would endanger the honesty of the video game and the various other gamers.

coaching in life for honor

Self Implication

Nonetheless, it could not stay clear that there would be anomalies and corruption in such a preferably developed job. I was not the only game master working. I had colleagues, several of which had various sets of concepts. It involved a factor that some dishonesty taking place between underhanded gamers and unethical game masters. I was well-informed of several gamers’ “under-the-table” purchases to have their online gaming characters hyped up.

Even if I could likewise make easy cash from joining the bandwagon, money was trivial to me. Therefore, I faced these associates of mine and spoke with them regarding it. It appeared that there would be no concession that is going to occur, so I chose to resign because I could not blindly operate in an honorable way when my colleagues wouldn’t.

Self-regard and honor

It simply suggests that I value my feeling of self-regard and honor. I would instead do an activity if it meant that I would get both before stated. Naturally, there are times when I make incorrect choices, yet not because I purposely endangered and gave up my honor for something shallow such as money or popularity or such. Honor, like that of a samurai, is significant to me. It is my badge of respect that I can regulate others to impart with me as I do with others.

I will maintain and preserve this prize that I have, which others may never get or steal from me. It might diminish with errors that I make in my life. However, as long as my sanity commands to strive to improve this, I will continue to be internally self met.

If there is something I might do to enhance it, I will do it as long as I can properly carry out the task. Honor will be just one of my original principles as I stay on this planet. Coaching in life for honor is abstract yet, it is just one of the most concrete things speaking of my identity.

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