Do You Know About the Embarrassment of Self Development?

For a very long time, I wished to improve myself, my true psyche; however, something was holding me back. I made many reasons at that time; really did not have time; too tired; had not been certain what direction my search needs to take and was always afraid of the embarrassment of self development. Nevertheless, the fact was I felt self-conscious regarding opening myself up, especially to those near me. All that transformed when I opted for a stroll along a Danish coastline.

I went to Denmark for a brief camping vacation. I stayed on a tiny island in the North Sea. It was attractive, extremely tranquil, just what I was seeking. On concerning the third or 4th early morning, I chose a stroll along the beach. The beach stretched the entire length of the island, regarding 20km, and it had to do with 2km wide!

After about an hour, I stumbled upon a young woman who was doing some Asian fighting style. She was all by herself and appeared totally absorbed in what she was doing. Maybe this is not so unusual; however, what appeared incongruous (and also darn right silly to me) was that she was wielding a Samurai sword. I did find myself assuming how ridiculous she looked and, in fact, came to be a little irritated.

First idea

My very first idea was: “What a poser.” Did she actually love herself so much she assumed other people would intend to see her efficiency with a sword? I found myself wishing she would lose her ground and also drop, and then I could claim: “that’s what happens when you think so extremely of yourself.” However, she did not fall over; she kept moving gradually and also gracefully because she didn’t think of the embarrassment of self development.

I continued walking along the beach. I tried to delight in the rest of my walk. However, I kept thinking of the young woman and her sword! “Why are some people, such exhibitionists?” I kept sputtering to myself.; was no longer delicately strolling along the coastline, keeping an eye out to sea; I was marching, hunched over, looking at the sand beneath my shoes; had ended up being narcissistic, lost in my not-too-pleasant ideas. I had reminded of this world when I almost walked into an elderly couple; apologized profusely.

They grinned back and claimed not to stress; not been looking where they were going either. They were a wonderful old couple, with climate beaten but healthy and balanced looking confront with open smiles. It was clear that they were very much crazy with each other; they each had a hand resting on the various other’s midsection.

embarrassment of self development

Feeling embarrassed

I do not see a lot of elderly couples who still stroll together with their arms about each other, and so they showed up a little odd. Yet what was truly strange was that neither of them was wearing any clothing!

I was humiliated, naturally. However, the elderly couple wasn’t. They remained in no hurry to move on, and also they started to speak with me; informed me they were Danish and came commonly to the island. They asked where I was from and also had been before; took place to inform me that they had actually been together 42 years and had 2 kids. They additionally told me several features of themselves and also asked many questions regarding myself. And quickly, I forgot about their nakedness and felt secure, and appreciated our little conversation, that was all good because it doesn’t include the embarrassment of self development.

After a time, the older man stated that they need to be hopping on their way, and so we started our bye-byes and proceeded our different walks; not once did they make any attempt to describe why they were naked. As I thought about the old pair, I could not aid yet grin. They were so mild and also secure with the world.

Then I understand that they were what I want to be. Absolutely free from what others might think about them, completely free of any restraints to live the life they desired.

A lesson learnt

My mind then turned toward the young woman I had actually seen previously. I knew that she was not a pervert looking for attention. She was also complimentary. She was doing what she wants because it made her money. In truth, the aggravation I felt when I first saw her was except her but also for me. Frustrated since I was feeling humiliation, regarding what others may believe, to do what I actually desired in life.

I came to a stop and gazed bent on the grey North Sea. I recognized that I need to damage free, not from the globe or people around me, yet me; myself. Without the idea crossing my mind, I started to undress. I can honestly claim I really felt no shyness that day when I eliminated my last garment; felt no different than when I undress to shower. I left my garments behind and walked right into the sea and didn’t stay long, less than a minute, the water was cold. Yet the dip had seemed like a baptism. I strolled back out and also picked up my clothing. I did not gown but made my way back down the coastline where I had actually come from.

A while later on, I passed the young woman. She was resting with cross legs and with the sword in her lap and looking out to sea. When I stepped across her line of vision, she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. The lesson is that one should not consider the embarrassment of self development while doing anything.

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