empowered by God

Do You Know You are Empowered by God?

Many times our activities are all that stand in the means of answered prayers. Is God waiting on you? Are you empowered by God?

Did you know God has offered ways in His word to empower His people? Did you understand the specific points you can add to answered prayer, health, relaxed life, and much more? It’s real!

As soon as we are saved, we do not simply drift with our days wanting to capture God in a good state of mind when He agrees to answer prayer or fulfill our demands. His word gives us many things we can do continually to set His hand in movement.

Covenant Promises

Open your Bible to some of the verses where God states the assurances He agrees to bestow on His youngsters. For instance, Deuteronomy 28 is full of true blessings. What do you see about just how this phase starts?

“Now it shall happen IF you faithfully comply with the voice of the Lord your God …”

Then, at the end of the true blessings section of this phase (verse 13), what do we see once more? “And the Lord shall make you the head and also not the tail; you shall be above just and not be beneath IF you heed the rules of the Lord your God …”

If we do what God advises us to do after that, He will certainly give us all He has promised to provide. This if/then type of pledge is called a covenant promise. It operates the same as when a lawyer prepares an agreement between two people. One party agrees to make a certain point, and also – after it is done – a second party agrees to do another thing. God encourages us to control specific conditions by using these covenant assures or blessings because we are empowered by God.

empowered by God

You Go First

God typically wants us to take action He has outlined in His word before we are rewarded. He encourages us to do what we must then rewards us once we have done it.

Luke phase six holds other examples of methods God has empowered us. In knowledgeable 37, Jesus advises, “Judge not as well as you will not be evaluated. Condemn not, and He will not condemn you.”

Knowledgeable 38 proceeds in the same way by claiming, “Give and He will give to you: excellent measure, pushed down, drunk together, running over; guys will offer unto your bosom. For with the same procedure you utilize, He will gauge back to you.”

Once again, we go first. If we give, we shall obtain. Whatever procedure we utilize to provide to God, that’s the same measure He will certainly make use of to give to us. We have control. We make the initial relocation.

I Peter 3:7 shows yet one more example. “Husbands, similarly, dwell with [your partners] with understanding, giving honor to the partner, regarding the weaker vessel, and as being beneficiaries with each other of the grace of life, that He may not prevent your prayers.

When other halves treat their better halves as God says they should, they give their petitions more power. The other half’s petitions are not hindered as a result of his activities. If he treats his partner in an unearthly fashion, his prayer will be hindered. In this example, the husband has the power.

As you go through your Bible today, make a note of the moments God equips us. You might wish to make a listing or mark the verses in your Bible as you find them so you can keep in mind when to act and what to do to launch God’s ideal in your life. Sometimes our activities are all that stand in the means of answered prayers. Is God waiting on you?

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