mediocre mind

Do You Think Your Mind as Mediocre Mind?

Do you wrongly recognize yourself with the features of your mind and all of its mental tasks? Do you think that you have a mediocre mind? Right here is an insight that will challenge that perspective, supplying more flexibility in your life.

Great spirits have constantly encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~ A. Einstein

I’ve constantly had a love relationship with that said specific quote. Today, while doing some arranging, I stumbled upon my preferred quote again. As I checked it out, a greater degree of awareness sang out a much deeper significance than I’d ever before recognized in the past.

Recognizing we are spiritual beings, we each have a Great Spirit within us craving a well-lived life without worry, without concession, without limitation. You identify that deep internal need, don’t you?

Its achievement is specific to you, your wishes, mine specifies to me, my needs. Initially, our spirit is constantly battling resistance from the viewpoints of others, media, peer stress, and household obligations. Then I realized that there is even more.

Just like that, a flash of insight revealed something I had never seen before.

mediocre mind

Resistance from mediocre mind

My Great Spirit has experienced violent resistance from my mediocre mind! I was stunned by the understanding.

Our mind is a tool for the body and also for the spirit. Recognizing ourselves with the mind, we entrap ourselves, and also, the spirit ends up being enmeshed in a fight for freedom! Wow! What a revelation I recognized as I became aware of the mediocrity of my choices based upon my mistakes, my lame-brained thoughts of defeatism, bad self-esteem, bad-hair days, and so forth.

Suddenly, I see that I will not count only on the thoughts and also the viewpoints of others. I will not rely upon the intellectual capacity of my mind, the very same mind, and intelligence that can provide reasonable reasons not to achieve equally as easily as it can give exceptional reasons to go for the gold.

This is also the same mind that can continue the mood of misery, so the feelings will certainly better feed the mind’s negative thoughts. It is such a catch. The reason, in all of its intellectual progress, is sub-par by itself. Just think that you don’t have a mediocre mind. You have the best one.

Right here on in, I will participate in spiritual awareness, having command over the mind and the feelings. The spiritual recognition will harness these devices, minds, emotions, and the Great Spirit to motivate activity and achievement like never before!

What regarding you?
Best wishes, Lee
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