inspiring dance of clouds

Have You Ever Seen the Inspiring Dance of Clouds?

The clouds overhead are as usual for all of us as the sun rising and the sun setting. We disregard the beautiful inspiring dance of the clouds that can inspire us to live a pleasant life.

Have you ever considered the clouds? From where do they come? Where do they go? What do they do in the skies? How can they bear the extreme sun directly?

As I claimed, where do the clouds originate from? Think about it? It is as if they come from nowhere. And it is as if going to a place unidentified to all of us. No people consider them.

But they stay in harmony in the sky, moving slowly with the wind. Some clouds have stunning shapes, some are in a cluster, and sometimes we see a single cloud, presenting an inspiring dance of clouds.

They all look so calm. As if they are the masters of tranquillity, revealing no disruption at all.

And check out the colors of the clouds. The majority of them are white as if somebody has spread pure white cotton in the sky. Soft and also silky in texture, white in color – virtue objectified. The birds do understand something concerning the clouds because they fulfill the clouds often. What must they all be speaking with each other? All mysteries of the globe that we refuse to appreciate.

And what is the chief goal of the clouds? Either to bring rainfall to the parched earth or offer color to the needy. That is the lesson we can get ideas from. Charming and pure clouds expect nothing but give what all they can. What a significant lesson.

If a few of us learn this lesson of remaining pure and selfless in idea, without any anger towards anyone and concern in the direction of all irrespective of any differences, our living will end up being so much far better. Kindness is not meant just for the saints, yet everyone can act in their way to give even more and anticipate much less in return and develop a peaceful life for ourselves.

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