How Can You Learn to deal with difficulty?

Be a lot more daring when you face difficulty, learn to deal with difficulty and who knows what you might attain!

“It is not because things are tough that we do not dare; it is because we do not risk that they are tough.”
– Seneca the Younger

This is a fantastic quote to both contemplate and also to apply to your life.

How often do you hear people grumble? Perhaps we don’t grumble regarding each of these things, but more than likely, there is something that we whine with great consistency.

Now, in some cases, problems are simply a way to vent some frustration. Currently, we don’t actually desire anything to alter in this field. However, more often than not, somebody routinely complains concerning one detailed issue.

If I had a buck for every time I heard one good friend complain regarding the difficulty of finding a great man, I can throw her a massive wedding celebration or maybe merely purchase her a spouse in some small third-world country. When I thought about my friend Donna’s problem and applied Seneca’s quote to it, a light bulb suddenly showed up over my head, similar to in the animes!

Donna is having difficulty discovering an excellent man since she isn’t bold enough. Certain, there might be someone. However, she is also missing out on relationships, at least friendships, with some really fantastic individuals since she fears taking risks. She doesn’t know how to deal with difficulty.

That is sad. Most of us recognize that love is magnificent, but it is likewise frightening. Nonetheless, we have to take risks to experience it completely. Sometimes we could get hurt. However, we will locate the rewards surpass the threats. There is no assurance that is Donna opens herself up and dares to enjoy that she will discover the love of her life-however there is absolutely an assurance that a life loaded with love is extra rewarding than one that is not.

I have one more good friend that is additionally worried about attempting. Jeff dislikes his job. No, that’s not precisely appropriate. He likes the job itself. However, he really despises the firm that he helps. He discovers the administration is really challenging to work for (and a small percentage of the tales he tells are true after that he’s right, it is a dreadful location to the job).

Nevertheless, every time I recommend he seek work elsewhere, he develops some excuse about just how hard it would be. True, the task market isn’t great. However, he’s a skilled worker in a high-demand field, so I’m sure he could find something. Because he’s not bold enough, he’s doomed his work search before he also started it.

It wouldn’t be reasonable to share my friends’ examples without indicating my very own imperfections. Most likely, the best difficulty in my own life is within my marital relationship, which is just because I do not dare enough mentally there. I have actually ended up being too complaisant and also take my husband and marriage for approval. I need to attempt even more mentally. If you know how to deal with difficulty, then you can face anything.

So think of the troubles in your own life and apply Seneca’s rule then choose if you can be much more daring! All the very best!

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