Lumosity Review

Most people have heard of the site Lumosity. It has a reputation as one of the most significant brain training websites online. It uses a method known as cognitive training to help people develop their learning skills.

Neuroscientists have developed all the games on this site. The games are not only fun to play but also challenge your brain. In addition to the games, Lumosity provides users with links to scientific studies which help show the benefits of this type of training.

All the games on the Lumosity website are based around the five basic cognitive areas:

  1. Speed
  2. Memory
  3. Attention
  4. Flexibility
  5. Problem solving

Registering for the first time on the site, you will be asked which areas you would like to improve. Each of the main areas above is further broken down into sub-topics.

Let’s take a look at the Attention area; sub-topics include:
Dividing your attention between multiple tasks
Attending to crucial information
Ignoring distractions
Quickly picking out patterns

Customized Training Program

Moreover, as you select your choices, a customized training program is set up for you. You will need to include your age and provide an email address along with a username and password. Moreover, you can create an account for free but will be told to unlock your account for full access.

You can subscribe via a monthly or yearly subscription method. Prices will vary depending upon whether the site is running any promotion or not. You can expect to pay around $15, or if you pay upfront for one year, the cost is approximately $7. They do have a lifetime option as well. Prices are not displayed on the site until you create a free account. By signing up for automatic rebilling, you can save almost half the price.


As you create your account, you will be asked other questions such as how often you exercise, how many hours of sleep you get every night, and the best time of the day when you feel productive.

After setting up your account, you will take a Fit Test. These games will also take you through memory, speed, and attention games, and you will get a score on each section. These first tests are used to create your customized training program.

Most of the games I tried were quick to load and easy to understand. They offer a quick preview of how to play each game which takes about a minute to watch. There are several games to select from, and these will be specific to the areas you wanted to improve upon when you signed up.

Word-Type Games

If you enjoy word-type games, you will like the Word Bubbles game. Moreover, this game provides you with three letters, and you have to make as many words with them as you can in a set duration.

In the game called Raindrops, you will be challenged by your math skills. Math problems are displayed inside a raindrop, and you need to solve them before the raindrop hits the group. As the game progresses, the raindrops fall faster.

The site is fun to use and will challenge your skills and help improve them. As you progress, you are given scores and a training history that displays your improvements. Compared to other brain training websites, Lumosity seems to be more detailed and comprehensive. It is perfect for anyone who loves games and puzzles. Also, it takes about 15 minutes a day to go in and do your training.

Whether what you learn will help you in everyday life, I am not quite sure. But it seems to be an excellent way to add fun to learning, and I can see that it would be a massive hit with children.

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