Motivation – The Driving Force In All Of Us

What is it that makes you get out of bed in the morning, stumble to the shower, and get dressed for work? The answer is motivation. This is the driving force that keeps us going through life, coping with daily stresses, pain, and suffering. We are constantly motivated to make our lives better by doing whatever we can to make improvements.

That’s fine for adults, but what motivates children, you might ask. Just think back to the days when you were in elementary school. What was it that made you go to school each day besides your parents waking you up and making you go? The motivation of meeting your friends and socializing was one of the reasons.

The other is that even then you knew that you needed the education to get you through life. The promise of a new bike or the teacher’s praise kept you working at your studies and passing the tests.

the driving force

The type of motivation we have depends on what we want to do in life. Every person works together to make the world a better place, and each one is motivated in different ways.

When you reap the benefits of hard work, the payoff for motivation comes. The sight of a new suit in the department store may spur you to action if you have extra pounds. If you are really working hard, it is sure that you will get the results in the end.

You want to fit into this suit for a special occasion, and therefore you start a regimen of diet and exercise as a method of self-improvement. You enjoy an immense feeling of satisfaction when you do achieve a goal. In the end, however, the only true motivation comes from inside. It is the driving force that keeps us motivated.

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