Personal Belief System: Off To See The Wizard

From a really young age, many of us are informed that we can not do this or that since we do not have the skill or that we are not wise enough, or strong enough, or wise sufficient. What takes place is that we end up living our lives in character with what others have informed us regarding ourselves as well as in our personal belief system concerning ourselves.

This jaded sight of ourselves keeps us from doing the things we imagine doing. Many of us desire a magic wizard that would certainly occur as well as bestow the qualities.

Do you keep in mind the story of “The Wizard of Oz”? In this story, check the personalities of Dorothy, who wanted to escape from home because she assumed there was a better place somewhere. We additionally satisfied the scarecrow that thought he had no brain, the lion who assumed he had no courage, and also the kindly tin male who assumed he had no heart.

With each other, the four of them triggered to the Emerald City to discover the wizard in hopes that he could present upon them these merits and also discover a means for Dorothy to go back residence.


Even though Dorothy had actually assumed she had wanted to be elsewhere, once she got here in Munchkin Land, she understood that her imagine remaining in a different place was not what she believed they would be. Let down. In fact, she frantically wished to return to Kansas and also be with her caring household.

The number of people who can relate to their predicament? Somehow we believe there is a greener field on the other side or do not have the attributes needed to satisfy our dreams.

Because of this, we hesitate to advance and choose our dreams. We feel inadequate to meet the calling ahead of us. From previous experience, we can see none of the characteristics necessary for us to reach our objective, our location.

personal belief system

A number of us were never told that we are all given those things required in life for us to continue, but because of our previous experiences and absence of self-confidence, we tend to shrink back from moving forward in our lives.

Many people do not recognize that self-confidence comes from being successful in an area that we desire to excel in. Success itself is not a one-time event. As a matter of fact, it takes several failings and gains from the blunders that make us self-reliant and positive.

Bear in mind when you first started riding a 2 wheel bike. You saw your good friends riding and also were specific that it was something you could do. You would certainly go a couple of brief feet and then totter and then bingo!

No! You ride back on that bike and kept exercising till you succeeded.

Babe Ruth

The fantastic baseball hero Babe Ruth was famous for his wonderful batting. He might strike a sphere right out of the park! Did he rise one day and state, “Hey, I’m gonna strike every sphere out of the park”? No, obviously not. Certain, it was probably his desire to hit as several as he could out of the park, yet he understood that he required to practice and exercise and hit and miss, and eventually, he would hit more than he would miss out on. Every sphere gamer has a batting average. This implies that they struck several spheres, but it likewise means that they miss many rounds or end up strolling to base or starting.

We want to hit that sphere, but we must not give up when we fail to be successful. As we fall short, we discover much better how to hold the bat the next time or at what angle we require to swing the bat to hit the ball head-on.

What about your desires? Are you providing them a reasonable shot? The point is that you have to go after your dreams and not let failure or lack of self-confidence hold you back. If your personal belief system is strong then you can achieve anything.

Like the lion, the tin, and the scarecrow male, we must experience the difficulty and advance in belief. Along the journey, we will locate that. Indeed we do have the qualities that we were longing for.

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