Fighting Wrong Battles


Are you fighting the wrong battles? Are you tired of going from dispute to clash? Learn how to focus on what truly matters and where the wins are!

Way to lastly, stop fighting the wrong battles in your life?

“Know your opponent and also recognize yourself, and you can fight a hundred fights without disaster” – Sunlight Tzu

1- Determine which battle deserves to be fought

Being in a position of opposition is not a lasting lifestyle. It can bring about chronic or extreme stress & anxiety that might generate different illnesses. It means that we all need to decide on our fights.

Look at the big picture.

As an instructor, my master plan, a lot of the moment, is, to begin with the big picture and work backward. When you’re feeling nervous or obsessive concerning winning, ask yourself these three inquiries:

  • What would your perfect result resemble?
  • How important is that perfect for you?
  • And how could the battle ‘expense’ you?

There is another inquiry that a number of us will not address correctly; however, give it a try.


Is this regarding my vanity?

When the vanity is played, we validate the altercation as being about something else. (That’s why I started this response is hardly ever addressed truthfully)! Ego is a very usual factor in fights, and I seldom see it end well when the vanity remains in control.


Cash is a different everyday basis for tackling a struggle. I think one needs to take the ‘high road’ in this instance, just because the cash comes and goes and also is hardly ever worth losing your mind over.

Nevertheless, tell that to the solitary parents working at least one full-time job to make ends satisfy. (Or anybody else who is functioning their butt off).

Fight for Money
Fight for Money

In that specific example, money is represented as more significant than its monetary worth. It describes the moment, effort, and stability of that parent and the well-being of their youngsters – which is then what they are fighting for.

Whether money is a right or incorrect fight relies on how you see it.

Yet whatever’s entering play as you encounter a battle, asking yourself the three primary concerns will assist place the circumstance right into perspective to acquire a much better feeling of control over your positioning.

2- No, you don’t need to defend yourself!

So, somebody selects a battle with you or pisses you off, now it’s battle. The all-natural reaction for anyone is to defend themselves. In the case of injury or abuse, you must protect yourself.

In a scenario involving just battling, there is a preconception that you’re thought about a wimp or doormat if you select not to safeguard yourself. When, in actuality, you’re the more vital and confident person by not getting involved.

Defending Yourself
Defending Yourself

Input from the universe

So, deep space was aiding me out on this blog site by using some firsthand experience. I was blown up on social networks for a remark I created simply yesterday. It came out of the blue, and also, the attacker got personal – I felt like I got typed the stomach.

Proper Reaction vs. the Adverse Reaction

My gut reaction was temper, and I should blast him back. Yet, no, that would most definitely be stooping to his degree. Then my inner train thought, ‘we must look at this from his point of view.’

So then, I was a lot more civil and thought perhaps I needed to admit that I did not understand how my remark was offensive and it wasn’t originating from a wrong thought.

I remained to experience every feasible situation of defending myself until I begged why it was so important that I protect myself versus some avatar.

Negative Reaction
Negative Reaction

Also, I needed to safeguard myself because I was embarrassed that I might look foolish. I hesitated that I would be viewed as weak for not resisting and run the risk of the opportunity of sustaining more whippings from this person or somebody else who seemed like tossing a punch.

So I chose not to involve. Not so amazingly, life is carrying on as usual. I’m still active, and also I conserved myself the anxiety and negativity of ending up being engrossed in combat.

And life goes on …

I’m informing you firsthand that you will still live even if you stop fighting the wrong battles in your life.

3- Change your perspective on the conflict

Consider how many battles you face every day. Remaining in bed vs. getting out of bed; egg whites vs. French toast; fitness center vs. keeping the couch. Those examples were mainly for a specific without any household commitments.

Change Your Perspective
Change Your Perspective

You could have filled your hundred-battle allocation by midday if you have a spouse and kids. And also, if you leave the house – ignore it – traveling fights, coffee line-cutters, colleagues!

Use favorable motivation

Let’s stop fighting wrong battles anymore. You could curse me out when I state this; however, give it a try. Find the positives in the challenging situations and then move forward, keeping that motivation and wanted result.

For example, I’ll take the internet rage-a-holistic experience. Mean (or bully-ish) individuals tend to impact and alter their sufferers. My inspiration was to keep my ideas and positivity and not let this person wreck my day or change my behavior. My changed expectation enabled me to carry on with my life and comb the individual off like an annoying bug.


When switching over from conflict to favorable motivation, my excellent guidance is to believe in yourself and what you believe is best for you.

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