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Success Knowledge: Hang Out With Winners

Connect yourself to the people you wish to hang out with. Mostly, these will be the winners in your mind. It’s called The Law of Nature: you become like those you hang out with. This is the time to use your success knowledge.

While we may not have physical access to individuals at the top of our field, to individuals that seem to be getting the outcomes we desire, we do have access to every person and anyone via the success knowledge.

The power of consciousness shows the oneness of deep space (the word world suggests one track). There are no walls, divisions, or disconnects on the planet of awareness unless you place them there.

You can become aware of yourself having any experience, being with anybody, doing any activity that you select. You can familiarize yourself as abundant or inadequate, happy or depressing, alone or in an excellent partnership, losing or winning, declined or accepted, it’s all up to you.

The success knowledge is great in the universe.

Nobody is far better than you, more advanced than you, a lot more blessed than you in the realm of consciousness.

You can think of somebody else having every little thing you want, or you can consider you have everything. You can view another person being with the kind of individual you wish to be with, or you can think of yourself being with that kind of person.

The people with the power of awareness experience the profound feeling of freedom. Using that power is among the fantastic tricks of the ages, but it takes discipline to take advantage of it.

It’s hard to gain mastery over your power of awareness. However, it can be done, little by little, and as you attain that proficiency by levels, your life handles increasingly more of the high quality of the remarkable.

So one of the powerful means to use your success knowledge is by hanging around in your mind – with individuals who are achieving the results you desire.


  1. Make up a listing of those doing that and also picture your being in a circle with them.
  2. Make your awareness right into the sensation of getting on equal footing with them.
  3. See yourselves sharing, in a harmonious power area, practicing meditation together, praying together. You might even envision each of them holding a picture of your success in their minds.
success knowledge

A practical application of this concept is to familiarize this elite group of peers conducting you through an induction event. They give up on you the civil liberties and opportunities of being one among them.

You can also associate with these individuals personally.

You may look through your library or stare through book shop shelves till you find a publication by or concerning a person who designs a level of achievement that you desire.

Holding that book in your hands, imagine the two of your hanging out, feeling absolutely comfortable and also all-natural with each other. You could visualize your getting mentoring from them.

Envision the success knowledge passing in between you that links you to the destination you desire. Imagine a type of league or sisterhood or brother-sisterhood relating both of you at the soul degree.

One remarkable aspect of success knowledge is that it transcends time in addition to the room. This implies that you can socialize with individuals who passed away an extended period earlier. What are your heroes? Abraham Lincoln? Marcus Aurelius? Gandhi? Are they accessible to your awareness today?

Naturally, the coolest one to socialize with is God, the Infinite Power, Love, Omnipresent Knowledge.

You do not need to associate with anyone else to create the best cause in your life. Yet why be special concerning your relationships? Relating to suitable peers can be particularly rewarding, and also, you can maintain God’s room with you.

Also, hang out with individuals of influence that might not be in the field of your passion yet may influence to aid people in that area move on in their occupations. Celebs, Head Of States, Kings, and also Queens, are all accessible to you.

Going into these conferences purposely helps you relocate the direction you wish to follow. To add power to this technique, watch your thoughts all day long. Notice what you are thinking of and who you are thinking about whenever you are considering.

Adverse associations

If you think of individuals mistreating you and frustrating you, then after getting associated with those individuals, they will bring you down.

Keep your thoughts out of connections that are not supportive. You are far better off not believing than thinking about people that trouble you. As you practice your reasoning, you will find more power to redirect your thinking and quit your thinking at will.

You bring about what you consider. And you do who you believe. You become like those you connect with your mind. Use this law of nature to advance your aims and achieve your dreams by associating yourself with the winners.

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