Surviving on Purpose: One Rock at a Time

We’re always actively trying to get it all done – and trying to get it all done in the right way. So we occasionally miss living in our haste to get to the objective. Surviving on purpose helps you to live life in a good way.

I got back from Colorado, where I invested a week relaxing, re-energizing, and revisiting the crucial worths in my life. I’ve been to Peaceful Valley and also to this church lots of times over the years.

Heading down one morning, I was in a hurry and going as well fast for the terrain. So, I nearly dropped. There were lots of rocks, and it was effortless to strike a wobbly one and slip.

I slowed down my speed, took a deep breath, and put my foot down purposefully on the next rock, and after that, the next. And I quickly quickened and also needed to slow myself down again.

I chose that I would place each foot purposely every time I took a step if I were late.

One rock at a time – that’s all I chose to think around.

I assumed: I could do this more frequently. Be right here now. However, I really feel the touch of my foot on the rock. Feel the steering wheel as I drive. Go To the stoplight instead of hrs or mins in advance at the destination. Hear the birds outside my office home window.

I begin to believe that multi-tasking is exaggerated. The tough thing is to be fully existing in one place at a time.

Take a moment right now and breathe. Take the time. It’s now time that you’re alive, not yesterday and also not tomorrow. Surviving on purpose will lead your life to the best destination.

Focusing is the art of being fully active. And at any place the art of focusing is exercised, things change significantly.”
– Tom Crum, “Journey to Center”

Wishing you excellent energy in every moment!

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