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Top Reasons Why You Are Feeling Lonely In A Relationship

You might feel that your relationship with your spouse lacks something or is not the same as it used to be. Also, you might feel lonely in your relationship because your partner spends more time accomplishing other matters like taking care of children or spending evening hours doing office work. You might feel pressured enough to meet another person’s needs, which can be a rift between couples. Hence, it is very important to find out what is causing problems in your relationship before sorting it out.

Why You Are Feeling Lonely In A Relationship

Discussed below are some common reasons that create void in couple relationships and must be addressed efficiently. 

1. Expecting more than one can deliver 

The problems start when you expect more than they can serve you. Unrealistic expectations, when not catered, cause restlessness and weaken the bond of a healthy relationship. At the start of every relationship, each partner goes out of the way to serve the other, but this can not be expected for a lifetime. 

2. Emotional or physical issues 

If any partner is going through depression, anxiety, or stress due to workload or other tension, it makes the one feel like his partner is not available to solace him. Moreover, the physical, mental, and health issues also cause feelings like “no one can understand the pain I am going through.” Moreover, the emotional or physical abuse by the partner can also lead to not only feelings of loneliness but also depression, anxiety, and substance use.

Feeling lonely in a relationship
Emotional Abuse

3. Distance 

Sometimes physical distance also makes people feel like they are lagging the strength of the bond necessary in a relationship. Although distances have been vanished away by the technology, the long-term physical distance might make the partner feel lonely. 

4. Communication issue 

Sometimes you fail to share your feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities with your partner, but you fail to communicate these issues properly. Your spouse might not consider your concerns as real issues, which can be due to incomplete or improper communication. Hence, it is very important to develop a bond to communicate properly. 

5. Trust issues 

Sometimes, the trust issues also cause unrest in the marital relationship. When a partner fails to manage time between family and other tasks, it sometimes makes the other feel like, “My partner is not giving me proper time, he might have lost interest in me, or there might be someone more important in his life; than me.” Such thoughts, even if lacking rational grounds, affect the relationship badly. 

Trust Issues
Trust Issues

6. Busy routine 

A wife spending more time in her house chores or while taking care of her babies and husband giving more time to his job when they don’t spare time for each other may lead to a lack of strength in their relationship. 


Sometimes couples start comparing their lives with that of other couples, as showcased in the social media, without knowing that social media is only one aspect of their lives; no one shows the dark part there. Hence, social media raises expectations, which, when not fulfilled, creates unrest in a healthy relationship.

Whatever might be the reason for your loneliness in a relationship, you must always be communicative, understanding, and compassionate towards your spouse; this can help fix relationship issues. 

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