We Are What Our Habits Make Us

We are what our habits make us. They are either relocating us forward or holding us back. Great habits, when established, are what drives an individual towards success as well as achievement.

We are what our behaviors make us. They are either moving us ahead or holding us back.

When it comes to behaviors, it’s much easier to create negative habits than a great habit. On the other hand, an excellent routine requires effort and self-discipline.

“All our life, so far as it has guaranteed kind, is but a mass of habits – functional, psychological, and intellectual – methodically organized, for our weal or distress, as well as bearing us irresistibly towards our destiny whatever it might be.”

Theron Dumont

Negative practices are time losing, character eroding, and also health destroying. Once created. A bad habit is tough to get rid of. As soon as overcome, one has to be constantly on guard versus slipping back right into it. Unlike bad habits, an excellent practice is a lot easier to let go of. Preserving a great habit needs constant attention.

habits make us

It would be a lot easier to not have formed the bad habit, to begin with, but unfortunately, they are usually formed in young people, when one lacks the foresight to see ahead of the repercussions of their activities.

Good practices, once created, are what drives an individual toward success as well as success.

“We are what we consistently do. Quality after that is not a practice but an act.”


Once an excellent practice has been created, an individual really feels uncomfortable and also unwell at convenience if he neglects it. Instead of worry, a new great behavior ends up being happiness and comfort.

Do not be inhibited if you blunder, either by disregarding a great routine or falling back into a negative one. Just select on your own up and also get back on the right track. Admonish yourself to reveal even more resolve however do not abuse on your own and also fall into a helpless clinical depression.

“The best magnificence is in never falling, however rising when you fall.”

Vince Lombardi

Do not let people mock you for lingering in your good routines. Those that criticize are just feeling guilty because they lack the willpower to do what you are doing.

Sit down as well as assume for a moment regarding what habits you may have. What are your great habits? People of character are the ones that have built good behaviors right into their lives as well as have eliminated the negative ones.

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