What do Angels do?

What Do Angels Do? What Do You Need to Know?

Ever question what Angels do and why they do it? Find out to contact them for assistance.

Many individuals don’t truly understand the nature of our guardian Angels, however, every one of us has one or more angels with us at all times. In many years of collaborating with people to aid them to enter closer call with their guardian Angels, I have experienced that they are present for every one of us. Moreover, this message from them defines what they do, why they help us, and how we can get their presents to the fullest degree.

Angel Message

“We are the presents of God, gifts of Creator. You should know us as the Creator’s expression in a kind that you might a lot more quickly access and experience. We help you to connect with God because we want to help lug you right into the love of God. The purpose is to help in carrying you into the expression of the love within you.

Most importantly, we are your heart’s expression; truth, deep, and complete expression of your spirit. We have been with you from before your birth and fertilization process when you were a soul in the natural beauty of paradise.

Your spirit in pure type is pure light, pure love, pure delight. The presents you choose to personify bring into complete fulfillment are the gifts that bring you happiness, wonder, and enjoyment. They bring you into a natural area of buoyancy so that you can get the happiness of sharing.

We intensify your capacity to connect with the presents that you carry within you. Our job is to open your desire because we see and know them as pure expressions of love. We hold them sacred, true, and pure, and yet share them with no holding. With no appointment. Without any concern of how you approve. We emphasize that you have no worry, no assumption, and no need for those you provide your gifts to.

What do Angels do? Count the blessings you have!

We ask you to look upon the paradises, seeing the moon, the planets, the stars, the unlimited and limitless galaxies of stars because all of this creation revolves to express the heart as pure and true. You and every soul get all this in one kind or the other.

Recognize that whatever limitations of awareness you currently bring, the fact is boundless. God is unlimited, therefore, our abilities, the capabilities of the Angels, are genuinely unlimited. We keep nothing from you. Creator withholds nothing from you in your role of true development as a being of love, light, and empathy, of caring, and dedication.

We are completely beyond your concepts of limitation of any kind because we are not limited by time, or room, or place, or quantity.

What do Angels Do?

You must comprehend this. As you call upon us to aid you, there is no reducing our power, of our ability, of our presence. There is no lessening. We are provided unto individuals of the earth to offer, assist, lead, organize, ando companions. We have nothing else factor for existence. Please take this in and understand that you are our full line of work. We don’t have other jobs and duties so that nothing can distract us.

We desire you to recognize that Angels remain in total solution to your existing problem and your present consciousness level. For instance, the precise moment of your life you find yourself in today. We bring no judgments, no objections, no expectations for you. It’s not up to us to make decisions about helping you or not. We have no free choice in this issue, and we can’t help with that. Our creation is not in a configuration of choice or judgment and is beyond any principle of judgment.

We share the Creator’s will to get in touch with you conveniently and access all you need now because this holds moment to moment throughout your lifetime. We never judge you as good or bad and never offer anything based upon any concept of good or bad.

There is no withholding of any kind within our world. All we do is give infinitely, entirely, eternally to you so that you can understand as deeply as you can that the elegance we reach you, the gifts we reach you, the love and the caring existence we carry to you are not dependent upon your actions. It is not reliant upon your past. Moreover, you only need to do one thing at this minute to receive it.

We radiate upon you as the sunlight radiates upon every plant, every tree, every shrub, keeping nothing. The sunlight does not evaluate this plant’s deserving and this plant unworthy and shines upon one. We want you to entirely and totally realize that our love is limitless, our gifts are unlimited, our existence is unlimited, and it is offered to you because you are in this moment. There is nothing you need to do to get this, nothing you require complete to get this., no redemption you need to achieve to get this. Here is only one thing you need to do to, that is, to get the awareness of achieving.

As a labeled achievement, this is just to let go of all faiths of limitation, absence, essential evaluation, and judgment.

You must recognize that your options are totally recognized, and your selections are entirely respected because we don’t and can’t force anything upon you. You get a true blessing that is important for you, dear to your heart and dear to your soul if you enable it.

We want you to recognize that you should get our help and our help because you should select this for yourself to invoke this within yourself. Moreover, one has to bleed its own readiness to obtain. You should ask to receive and must be willing to accept. This is all you need to do.”

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