Being in Love

Get to Know About What Does It Feel Like to Be in Love?

Falling in love is a very unique and exciting feeling. We often feel attracted to people, and when that attraction is mutual, we feel as though we are in love. Hence when in a situation like this, we often ask what love feels like. There is no sure way to answer this question. However, we can answer the question of what does it feel like to be in love by highlighting some of the feelings that come with being in love.]

What does being in love feel like?

Love not to lust:

In most cases, when we are attracted to someone, we may experience the emotions of lust. However, it’s not just lusting when you are in love with someone. It’s much more than that. You have an emotional bond with the person rather than physical attraction. 

Love not to Lust
Love not to Lust

You give more and take less:

You become a giving person. Your thoughts become selfless, and you are constantly trying to make them happy. Your own needs become secondary in front of their happiness. A person in love with always wants the best for their beloved. They will always try their hardest to keep their loved ones happy and put them before everything else. 

The feeling of commitment:

Love is love, whether it has been a month or two days. You start feeling committed to the person. Your bond strengthens due to these feelings, and you grow together. Love fills us with the feeling of commitment, and we begin to pay more attention to our loved ones. We offer everything we have to our beloveds because we feel committed to them. 

The Feeling of Commitment

Oversharing becomes fun:

Instead of keeping your thoughts and ideas to yourself, your beloved becomes the person with whom you can share everything. Someone who doesn’t judge you and listens to you wholeheartedly. Similarly, you also become that person for them. Someone with who they can bounce off their crazy ideas.

All the quotes make sense:

All the sad quotes about love start to make sense when you are in love. You begin reading them regularly as they resonate with your internal feelings.

Feeling scared:

As you become emotionally vulnerable, you become scared. You offer your heart and love to someone, and the fear of being rejected scares you. You fear that you could end up heartbroken. This is a good sign as well. It’s an excellent telltale for someone who is in love. 

Feeling Scared
Feeling Scared

Your emotions are heightened:

When you fall in love, you begin to feel everything. All the things and emotions that pass between you and all those tiny butterflies in your stomach can be felt. Your heart beats faster when your beloved walks into the room, and you feel every emotion you possess. 

Love is love:

Love transcends everything, and people who become best friends in the process are the people whose love lasts forever. So if you are in love, you feel like becoming best friends with your beloved. And they think the same way. 

Love is love
Love is love

Love empowers you:

When in love, you begin to value yourself more. You feel powerful, and you begin to experience the emotions of pride and courage to take on the world. Love does not break people; it builds them to be better, stronger, and more capable. People in love generally gain strength and courage and become highly confident. 


If you start relating to all the sad quotes about love and feel confident, you know what it feels like to be in love. Your heart feels full and happy; you become courageous and powerful. All these signs show that you are in love.

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