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What Should I Do With My Life – Find Your Purpose

We feel drained and pointless, not because our wishes are not fulfilled, but because we don’t plan a purpose of our lives that are practicable with our current life situation. There is nothing like perfect, so we should find an ideal life according to our concerns. Acceptance is the first step.

Ignoring our purpose and serving validation will only make us feel void. We forget self-respect, self-love, or self-grooming. Before anything, we should be finding a direction, a purpose for ourselves. It will help us cater for our goal.

How to Find Your Purpose?

Finding a purpose isn’t as easy as it may seem. You have to reconsider your way of living and follow the tips.

You will find your purpose along the process because it won’t happen all of a sudden.

Write down what is the ideal life for you

Sometimes, our definition of a perfect life is an illusion that makes us feel dissatisfied with our life. And the idea doesn’t enlighten us with the responsibilities that come with an ideal life. It might be a stable income resource, impressive bank statement, good social life, or loved ones in your life.

Find Your Purpose
Find Your Purpose

Once you brief it on a paper, you will get clarity about the direction where you have to put your efforts.

Life purpose statement

Give yourself some moments to think about what your life purpose is. It could be many, but once you pen them down, you will know which is more likely to be your life purpose statement.

Now think about possible ways that can match your life events. The courses should be planned to lead you towards your ideal life.

Life goals and self-accountability

You might have planned some life goals; have you wondered to what extent they are fulfilled? Self-accountability is a must when you plan short term or long term goals. It helps you to find the problems and their potential solutions.

Life Goals and Accountability
Life Goals and Accountability

Pull yourself out of ifs and buts

We often wish that things would have been better if a past event hadn’t have happened. Imagine if something went your way; what would be the current situation?

If you anticipate it, think of other ways to help achieve that imaginary situation. All this will give you a direction for internal satisfaction.

How you can beat your present obstacles

Sometimes we suffer because of a lower patience level. Zero tolerance about certain things makes us sensitive. We have to ignore this to use our energy only on constructive things. This way, you will learn to tackle every hurdle that comes along with your purpose.

Make possibilities out of your interests

We all have some interests, but we ignore them. What makes us feel connected should never be overlooked. It is just like ignoring our peace and happiness. Other than that, the way to fulfil the purpose will be like a roller coaster ride. In that, you will need something soothing. Your interests and hobbies can serve you. So, do whatever you make feel alive.

Make Possibilities
Make Possibilities

Plan out productive life with a constructive approach

You can make things out only with a constructive and optimistic approach. Think about every possible wish that can work for you. For that, you have to make your life productive in all phases, so you don’t feel dissatisfied with your efforts at any stage.

Final Word

Groom your spiritual self along with your personality. It is necessary to practice high morality, gratitude, humbleness, and humanity. All are mandatory to give you internal peace.

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