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What to Do When You Think Life Sucks?

Do you remember the times when everything went against your expectations? Even things have gone worst more than you ever imagined. It’s the moment when you think life sucks.

You start questioning why life sucks, but it’s the turning point in real life. If you don’t give up at that moment, your life will take a turn, thus becoming more impressive than ever.

Things to Do When Life Sucks

Let’s have a look at the top things to do when you think life sucks. The purpose is to overcome difficult life situations in a graceful way.

Feeling things is completely okay

Always keep in mind that emotions are there to be felt. Controlling emotions is not wise. If your life is getting complicated, it’s okay to be sad. The only thing not to do is lose hope. Feel what is necessary and to the point where it no longer hurts.

For example, if you are feeling a burst of sad emotions, you are open to crying, but once you are done, you should not be sad over the same thing, again and again.

Do something to relax when life sucks

Having a break from everything and relaxing a little is what we all need and look for. Are you getting tired of the monotonous life? If yes, then you must invest some time in yourself. You can use different relaxing techniques, like taking a shower or having a warm cup of tea.

Do a breathing exercise, like taking deep breaths for a minute or two. Focus on the surroundings and live the little moments that are good for your mental and physical health.

Make a to-do list

How making a to-do list is essential for a good life. When you complete one or more tasks on the list, you will feel accomplished. That sense of accomplishment helps you work more for your goals even if the situations are out of your control.

why life sucks
Why Life Sucks

Make a reward system so that you will give a gift to yourself whenever you are done with one task.


Gratitude is the key to blessings. The doors of happiness get opened when you are grateful. Try to be thankful even in the worst scenarios. Find the small moments where you can feel excited. Life sucks many times, but gratitude assists you in handling it.

It’s also been proved with the law of attraction that whatever you imagine, it will happen. Act happy even if you are not. This will attract the blessed moments into your life.

This too shall pass

Consider the famous phrase, “This too shall pass.” Our life does not remain in the same state. If sadness is now, it will turn into happiness soon and then sadness again.

So, the process continues. Whatever the situation you are in, keep in mind that this is not permanent. It’s considered the biggest hope for anyone.

Analyze the situations when life sucks

Analyzing the present conditions and solving them with an open mind is up to you. Challenges are there in everyone’s lives, but coping with them is the real struggle. Start your thinking process, analyze the circumstances, and then come up with a result to your advantage.

Learn from the setbacks

Do you know why the hurdles are present in your life? Do you understand why life sucks? Every situation is trying to make you learn a lesson. They help us in preparation for the following life challenges. See every challenge with this thought, and you will quickly see what to learn from it. As soon as you know the lesson, the challenges also disappear.

There is nothing like perfect

Perfectionism is just a eutopia. No one’s life is perfect; every one has its ups and downs.

Analyze situations when life sucks
Analyze situations when life sucks

Others’ issues may appear tiny for you, but for them, they are as struggling as yours. So, take a deep breath and live life with a clear mind.

Express your thoughts

Expressing your thoughts help relieve the stress when you think life sucks. There are many ways to do it. You may go for journaling. You may also talk with a loved one whom you trust most. Playing with pets or painting can also help you get out of this challenging phase. Whatever you do, do with all of your heart.

Do workout when life sucks

Workout is not only good for your physical but also mental health. It profoundly impacts your hormones, provides you with the ultimate balance in your life. Your creativity increases, even if it lowers down your stress or anxiety.

Hope for the best

Do you know about the significant factor which motivates us to live life? It’s hope. Hope provides us with a reason to live even if we are going through the darkest phase of our life. Your morale must not go down in challenging situations. 

The Bottom Line

Life sucks in many ways. You will often feel frustrated, but it’s in your hand to overcome it with grace. Face every situation like a challenge, learn the lesson, and move on from it. Even in the happy moments, get prepared for the worst.

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