Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?

You have surely listened to the tune made well-known by Elvis Presley called “Why Can’t everyday be Like Christmas” (words & music by Red West). For most of us, the Christmas season is a special time to share the heat of love and giggling with those we enjoy.

The depressing thing is that many people find Christmas a really lonesome time of year. They have no family left, or friends are active and also few with their lives and family members of their very own. There are various circumstances that people find themselves in because of making Christmas not the delightful time that the rest of us appreciate.

Have you ever quit to question what it is that makes Christmas time so special? Is it the hustle and bustle of trying to discover that ideal something for the one you like?

There have been years when I have actually had a lot of cash (not rolling in the dough, mind you), and there were various other years that we were not as privileged. When I didn’t have the money to go and get the unique presents for my children, those were the tough years.

everyday be like christmas

Sharing with friends

I bear in mind how terribly I felt knowing that their close friends were getting the new toys. I, fortunately, actually had some gifts given to me from the culture for the inadequate. My point in informing you of this is to ensure that you will comprehend where I am coming from.

I would not like to relive the poor years once again, BUT, I did learn a huge lesson. Xmas is not in the plans.


Providing love to others is not dependant on your financial institution account either; neither does it take weeks of your time to prepare for. Love is such a simple gift as well as yet so easy to give. An easy smile is given to an unfamiliar person, or a pleasant hello … is a little gift of love that can be offered daily.

Allow us to bear in mind to maintain the spirit of Christmas with all of us with the year, and after that, we can make everyday be like Christmas for those around us, the bad and abundant, the healthy, the sick … Little acts of love dedicated to daily can change your world and those around you.

Yes, every day can be much like Christmas if we maintain the spirit of love and giving of ourselves to others.

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