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Why Can’t We Have It All?

I’ve always listened to “You can’t have it all.”

I see the truth in that statement. That would leave none for any individual else. You can not have all the meatballs out of the pasta. That would leave none for anybody else. Very the same with all the delicious chocolate chips out of the cookies.

I grew up wanting to do around 5 zillion various things as well as being informed I couldn’t. In fact, when I altered what I wanted to “be” from photojournalist to teacher, my mom transformed it back. I’m still not totally certain why, but that’s a long, odd tale.

You can not have all the cars and trucks you’d such as to drive, due to the fact that when would you drive them?

have it all

You can’t have all the cash you would certainly like to have because you’d have to function constantly, and then what would you provide for the enjoyment and spend all that money?

What I do not see the reason in, I definitely decline to believe, is that I can not pursue any interest I desire, for as long as I want, and then go on to the next thing.

I will certainly decline because I need to be a widget-maker for my entire life, instead of making widgets for a couple of years, then going into sales for three to four years, then teaching for some time. Or perhaps teaching while I’m in sales and making widgets on the side.

Who makes these rules?

Who says we can’t have all of it?

Sure, maybe not at one time, but I intend to live a while.

Do not you?

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