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Why There Is A Need to Try Something New?

Do you try something new quickly, or does the thought of doing a new thing scare you? Are you also comfortable with how things are?

Some days ago, I would have answered “No” to all these inquiries. I often tend to see myself as a risk-taker and somebody who is constantly looking for something new to try out and also happy to accept change.

That was till a straightforward check out to a supermarket transformed my understanding concerning my ability to accept change. I saw, as I experienced the aisles choosing the items that got on my shopping list, that I was seeking the very same points I had constantly purchased month after month. I barely considered trying something new. If I needed to get tea after that, it needed to be brand name x and not y since I had constantly purchased it.

When this occurred to me, I began considering other comparable things that I could have been doing. For example, I recognized every browse through to the barber was to get the same haircut I had last month. Then there was the “Bronx” footwear that I constantly got whenever I required a pair of shoes. How around using the same deodorant every year or purchasing the same magazine every month? And then eating the same food whenever you head out?

I stopped my cart and did not understand at that time. Then, I stared directly before me and was stunned at how usual, uninteresting, and foreseeable things had become. To reverse the trend, I turned around many of the things I had placed in the cart and exchanged them for various brands.

The risks of the same routines

I believed how such routines of always wanting the familiar, safe, and secure could impact various other areas of my life. Maybe my marriage, job, service, or anything else. The shopping routines possibly provided a glance of what could be occurring elsewhere.

I assumed many businesses had gone bankrupt because they hesitated to alter and adapt to new modern technology or new innovations in their sector. Countless. How many marital relationships have finished in disappointment since they ended up being dull and predictable that all the romance and fun got sucked out of the marriage? Countless. How many employees have been made repetitive by an inability to get new abilities and understanding? Countless.

try something new

The snare of the familiar

The truth is that in adhering to the familiar, we surrender to the limitless opportunities and results of any circumstance or possibility. “Adjustment is the law of life. As well as those that look only to the past or existing are certain to miss the future.” Those are John F. Kennedy’s words of knowledge on change.

It is a necessity to expand and achieve something worthwhile in life. That’s why it is crucial to analyze ourselves seriously, our practices, and our understandings to ensure that we do not get stuck in time and repeatedly live out the same points. Where is the definition and pleasure in life if daily is similar to the one before it?

Why do we stand up to change?

I began to examine the reasons that individuals do not transform. Alan Cohen stated, “It takes a lot of guts to release the acquainted and relatively protected, to embrace the new. However, there is no actual safety in what is no longer significant. There is more protection in the daring and amazing, for in motion there is life, and also in change there is power.” In making this statement, he resolves among the essential things that create us not to change, specifically, a lack of guts.

The second factor is that, as James and Ralph claim in Fight of the Buffalo, “people overstate the worth of what they have – and also ignore the value of what they may obtain by giving that up.” It is human nature to feel that the here and now or the past is better, yet we have seen it. What we have not seen always seems extra disturbing. This brings me to an essential factor: Just how you see on your own in the future has a substantial bearing on just how much you agree to alter.

Challenge yourself

If you have a clear vision of where you want to be and what you want to achieve, you will be more eager and able to change. This is because, with this vision, you will understand what modification is necessary for you to reach your desired location. As Charles Dubois placed it, “The essential point is this: To be able anytime to sacrifice what we are wherefore we can become.”

The third-factor individuals don’t change is that nobody challenges them. Not their next-door neighbor who doesn’t need the competitors and not the good friend that is only happy to have a drinking friend every evening. Society typically does not like daydreamers like you. You believe you are different and that you are much better than the rest of them!

They would like nothing far better than to make you wrong. So you have to take complete responsibility for your own life. Don’t wait on any person else to challenge you. Challenge yourself and try something new.

“Everybody thinks about changing the world, but no person thinks of changing himself.” That was Tolstoy’s incredibly accurate monitoring. Any change you want to see in your world should start with a change in you.

Start from within

Michael Jackson claimed to start with “the man in the mirror” and “make that change.” That implies you. You can transform whatever scenario you find yourself in today that you are not happy or satisfied with. Just make the selection. Jim Rohn, among my favored inspirational speakers, placed it so eloquently: “Any day we desire; we can discipline ourselves to alter all of it.

Any day we want, we can open a guide that will open our minds to new expertise. Any day we desire, we can begin a new task. Any day we desire, we can start the procedure of life change. We can do it quickly, or the following week, or the following month, or next year.” We just have to try something new every day.


The decision is your own. Remember that every day you do not change is you eliminate the person you could end up being. Time does not change things. We do.

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