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Words Matter for Everyone: Words can Make a Difference

Words can make a big difference in the lives of others and in our lives too. It is essential to keep in mind words we choose do matter.

Air Canada Flight 154

I was boarding a flight in Edmonton, Alberta, bound for Toronto after a long day. As I handed my boarding pass to the Air Canada gateway agent, I asked her if she was having a good day. Her feedback has remained in my mind for almost two weeks. She looked at me, grinned, and stated, “All the better for you asking me, thanks.”

As I essentially missed down the jetway, I smiled. I have asked thousands of individuals if they are having a good day. Never have I received that response. I’ve heard, “It’s ok.”, “No, not really,” and also “Fine, many thanks.” But never, previously, have I listened to “All the better for you asking me, many thanks.”

Her reaction was gracious and also warm. It wowed me as a Customer – offering me a very favorable experience with Air Canada (also before I was on the plane!) More importantly, it made me feel unique as a person. Maybe she was instructed to state this by a parent at a young age, and also, it was an automatic response. Even if this held, her real action makes that unnecessary.

What would have been a typical flight was altered by eight words – 8 words I am sure I will never forget.

The Internet Essay

Just recently, I review an essay from one of my preferred writers. Scott Ringwelski creates an essay weekly called Positive Pause. Last week’s issue begins …

” No Problem … is.

‘ Not a problem.’ It appears natural, simple going, off the cuff, casual.

It’s a disposable line for a non-reusable globe.

Nonetheless, How do your disposable line and casual perspective translate to those you state it to?”

Scott takes place to say that the two words are, in fact, two negatives, no and issue. Via a fantastic personal tale, he associates that as opposed to responding to a request with “no worry,” it would be much more purposeful as well as effective to state, “It would certainly be my pleasure.” Scott knows, as does my Edmonton buddy that choosing these words can make a significant difference.


A few hours ago, my action mother passed away. While there are numerous ways she honored my life, and there will undoubtedly be several points I will certainly remember about her, the thing that strikes me is among her favorite phrases. “Amazing!” Ask Rhea just how she was, and also, she, typically, would state, “Amazing!” Also, over the last few months, when she was extremely ill. When you see her or speak with her on the phone, if you ask how she was, she would state, “Terrific!”

Absolutely in these last couple of months, she hasn’t always been excellent, a minimum of by lots of people’s standards. , her positive reply always lifted my day – even if I were calling to try and raise hers.

The Common Thread

In all of these cases, the words chosen by individuals have made a clear difference to those around them. As a consultant, if I consider these word selections, I can quickly make a case that utilizing these expressions would be effective in customer service and internal communications.

Most notably, though, is that picking these words transforms individuals who say the words. Think of my Air Canada close friend saying, “All the much better for you asking me, thanks!” or anybody saying “It’s been an enjoyment,” or “Terrific!”

These phrases modify our thinking and our self-talk in a much more favorable, concentrated, and accountable means. Indeed, these words can make a big difference in others’ lives and our lives as well.

Words do matter to every person.

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